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Maneuverable Clearance Area: Avoiding a Costly Mistake!

Mistakes in ADA compliance can be costly. One common mistake in both new construction and the alteration of existing structures is overlooking the requirement of a level, maneuverable clearance area for primary entrance doors. The front approach to the pull side of a swinging door must have wheelchair maneuvering space that extends 24 inches or more beyond the latch side of the door, and 60 inches or more perpendicular to the doorway. A 60” x 60” level landing area for a single, manually operated swing door generally meets access code requirements in most jurisdictions. Double doors will require larger landings depending on size, but without the need for strike side clearance. This ensures that a wheelchair-bound user can maintain control, stability, and balance while accessing the door.

SafePath Products designs and manufactures a series of ADA compliant prefabricated landings for access door transitions. EntryLevelLandings aredesigned to ensure access code compliance at every standard primary door entrance. An environmentally sustainable “green” product made from 100% recycled rubber, EntryLevel™ Landings combine ecological sensibility with cost savings and practicality. These landings install in just minutes, conform easily to uneven surfaces, and provide an instant maneuverable clearance area without the need for concrete demolition or major building alterations. Best of all, SafePath’s landing products make disability access code compliance easy and affordable.