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Month: July 2014

ADA compliant flooring - Ramps for Basketball courts ADA Compliance Ramps threshold ramps for wheelchair access Court Edge Reducer Ramp Drawings for ADA compliance. Rubber Transition ramps for wheelchair access.

ADA compliant flooring rules become more important this time of year. Flooring contractors are busy this month preparing for summer gymnasium floor replacements – particularly basketball courts. Replacing an athletic floor often creates a transition problem when the new floor rises 1/2 inch or more above the existing floor substrate. This is an ADA compliance … Continued

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EntryLevel Landing SafePath Products for ADA wheelchair access Threshold ramps Rubber High Rise buildings Multi Family Housing EZ-Access

The ADA ramp landing code was created to make it easier for the elderly and handicapped to access public building. If you’re building is classified as a “public accommodation”, then the American Disabilities Act requires a level landing for your primary access door if the door threshold is a 1/2 inch vertical rise or greater. … Continued

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Wheelchair Accessible Entrance Rubber Threshold Ramps for ADA compliance

ADA non compliance complaints with disability access regulation violations is the right thing to do. Nevertheless, it’s hard to see these kinds of lawsuits as anything other than harassment. Unfortunately they are happening with greater frequency and very little warning. This article from the Davis Enterprise in California, complete article at the link below, shows … Continued

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