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Making ADA compliance “readily achievable”

federal ADA home page provides a helpful list of “Myths and Facts about the American Disabilities Act”.

For example, it is a myth that “the ADA requires businesses to remove barriers overnight”.

Rather, the fact is that businesses “are only required to do what is readily achievable at that time. A small business may find that installing a ramp is not readily achievable this year, but if profits improve it will be readily achievable next year. Businesses are encouraged to evaluate their facilities and develop a long-term plan for barrier removal that is commensurate with their resources.”

The good news is that SafePath Products is making ADA compliance and barrier removal “readily achievable” for thousands of businesses and public buildings. Our wheelchair landings, threshold ramps, and barrier removal products are affordable and easily installed without any building alterations. With SafePath Products, ADA compliance is “readily achievable” today.