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Shower access for the elderly and disabled

Showering can be tricky for the elderly and disabled. A vertical rise at the shower door threshold can be dangerous for those with unsteady feet, possibly causing falls or serious injuries. A shower door transition edge greater than 1/2 inch in height can make wheelchair access difficult, if not impossible, and can even prevent life-saving mobility.

For these reasons ADA regulations require the removal of access barriers in the showering facilities of buildings and public accommodations. In any case, you will want your remodeled or retrofitted shower to be safe, accessible, and convenient for the elderly and disabled.

SafeShower transition ramps and floor edge reducers are designed for both commercial and residential shower facilities.  The material is a durable, slip-resistant, non-absorbant polymer that is both affordable and easy to install.  The product can be customized for shower door size, transition height, side approaches, and sloped or mitered sides for safety. Installation generally does not require shower or floor alterations, although disability access codes may also require a maneuverable clearance area for wheelchairs.