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Historical Modernization Project for ADA compliant thresholds using 15,650 lbs. of Recycled Tires.

ADA compliant thresholds - Liberty Station Historical ADA renovations before pictureOver 15,650 lbs. of recycled tires were used to make ADA compliant thresholds for  this historic building accessible and conform to local and federal building access code laws. Utilizing the newest in color coating technology SafePath Products now has a cutting edge technology for more attractive uses of recycled tire material, bringing this molded tire product industry to yet another level in architectural acceptance.

SafePath Products continues to be the world’s leader in developing “green” access products for the architectural building industry. Earlier this year, SafePath Products was contacted to provide a solution for modifying various thresholds at a historic building located in the Liberty Station area of San Diego, California.

The Challenges of ADA Compliant Thresholds

This project presented several challenges. First, was the desire to modify a series of six door thresholds, varying in height, in a covered level landing setting to ultimately conform and comply with model access code laws.

Secondly, there was the requirement to complete this level landing modification and installation without the use of fasteners or adhesive attaching in any way to the original historical structure or substrate.

Thirdly, it was essential to provide an attractive long-term UV stable aggressive walking (level landing) surface that conformed to the existing design color scheme of this historic building.

“This presented unique challenges for the production team and the installers on this project”, said Timothy Vander Heiden, CEO of SafePath Products. “In situations where there are various heights in the thresholds being modified with a single level-landing product solution the absence of using adhesives and thin-set levelers makes such an installation process much more difficult”, Vander Heiden said.

Ultimately, there was great effort in fitting each door exactly with varying heights of solid material without the use of adhesive at these door thresholds.

SafePath’s production department meticulously prefabricated this project at their production facility in Chico, CA prior to its shipment for installation.

“Only certified installers are used for such projects”, said Mr. Mike O’Malley, Sales Executive who coordinated this project. “This was an exciting project for us, because it offered challenges no other product solution could provide, and the opportunity to show off our new color coating technology was perfect for this customer”, said O’Malley.ADA compliant thresholds - after 2 liberty small

This project took one and one-half days to complete and was performed on the weekend in an effort to minimize business interruptions at this facility.

Custom colorization was used for this project and was selected with appreciation for exterior color design as specified by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

“This color coated surface is extremely aggressive and will greatly reduce the possibility of slip, trip and falls for years to come”, said Mr. Vander Heiden.

SafePath Products is looking forward to many more historical modernization projects utilizing recycled tires, as a modern “green product” solution.