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Helping Indianapolis Colts Become ADA Compliant!

Indianapolis Colts, Lucas Oil Field select CourtEdge Reducer

Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, went “green” last fall using SafePath Products’ CourtEdge Reducer, a sustainable product solution for barrier removal and transition modification. HKS Inc., architects contracted by Lucas Oil Stadium, specified the CourtEdge Reducer for barrier removal for several entrance areas for the players to access the playing field.

Mr. Chad Scheckel of HKS Inc. stated that, “SafePath immediately got to work providing the answer we were looking for” in providing a unique “ green” solution to a problem that otherwise was difficult to resolve. CourtEdge Reducers, made from 100% recycled tire material, were also used and were especially designed for special event equipment and stadium visitors. Mr. Brain Vornheder, of Hunt Construction Group, contractor for the Lucas Oil Stadium project, stated that, “SafePath Products provided a great service and delivered on time a customized product that was needed before the beginning of the football season”.