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Safepath Products National Distributor Program Launched!

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SafePath™ Products launched its Distributor program last month and already has over 68 Distributors committed to this national sales program. “Distributor training is central to this program and will continue throughout”, said Mr. Vander Heiden, CEO of SafePath Products.

For many years SafePath Products™ has sold direct to its customers and as result of growing success and the overwhelming need for code access products, SafePath has established a national distributor program that provides trained distributors with marketing materials and product samples to service various markets in each distributor’s region.

SafePath™ also has national manufacturer representatives that service these distributors in several states, and is building for full coverage by end of summer. “It is critical that our Reps provide the necessary support and information to our distributors” said Mr. Vander Heiden. Current states represented by Manufacturer Reps include Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

As SafePath™ continues to expand so does the awareness for accessible code products; since 2007 there has been a substantial growth in access code laws and their requirements. This is demonstrated in recent amendments of the California Building Code and the International Building Code both demanding greater accessibility at door thresholds than in previous code editions, especially the in multi-family housing arena.

“With the doubling of the aging population in less than 20 years in this country we will continue to see the demand and increase in code compliance for accessible door entrances in the multi-family housing industry” stated Mr. Vander Heiden.  In the near future look for disability access code products to be offered in your neighborhood hardware store.