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Getting through the door was the hardest part …

 Getting through the door was the hardest part …

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This business owner watched one too many elderly and disabled individuals struggle through his front entrance. The door had a 3” rise at the threshold that created a barrier to his business. For him, it was more than just an American Disability Act building code compliance issue. He wanted everyone to feel safe and welcome going through his door.


He contacted MEDAccess, Inc. to help him create a truly accessible entrance. MEDAccess is a company with over 20 years of experience solving accessibility issues in homes and businesses.

Together, MEDAccess and SafePath designed a 8’ x 13’ SafePath Landing code complaint entrance specifically for his site.


The SafePath landing is made of 100% recycle rubber and designed with a specially coated, colored, graded surface. The simple, attractive design allows smooth entry from all three sides. Now, this business owner’s door is a welcoming entrance, instead of a difficult barrier.

MEDAccess has a solution for every accessibility problem. Go to www.MedAccessInc.com or call 828-264-4085 to see how MEDAccess can open doors for you.