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The first 1:20 ramp announced!

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Standard Size 1-1/2″ H x 29-3/4″ W and 29″ L.                           Solid recycled rubber, with no weight limitations!

SafePath Products is proud to announce its newest ramp, the Reducer 1300.  As a result of the changes in local and state access code regulations, we have developed the only 1:20 transition product in the industry. Most modular transitions are designed for a maximum grade of 1:12 or 8.33%, while our new Reducer 1300 has a much more gradual gradient than 1:20, <5% slope, providing for a gentler incline.
Responding to these new codes across the country, especially with specific states requiring 1:20 for transitions in accessible routes, we developed the first transition for compliance to these new standards. These new transitions can be used as reducers, landings, or simple barrier removal modifications for “path-of-travel”, and can be customized for different heights and side approaches.




TIMOTHY VANDER HEIDEN, J.D., is CEO of SafePath Products and Van Duerr Industries, Inc.  He has more than 25 years of experience marketing and manufacturing products for ADA compliance, specializing in green technology for the architectural marketplace.  Tim and his team can be reached at 800.497.2003,  or visit www.safepathproducts.com.