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Is your exercise facility ADA compliant?

Is your exercise facility ADA compliant?

Marital arts academies, dojos, kickboxing and karate studios are not immune to federal and state accessibility laws with regard to American’s with Disability Act (ADA) compliance.  There are more and more disabled people becoming actively involved as students, not to mention those actively involved in exercise programs and strength training programs.

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Inherent in these facilities are the ubiquitous training mats designed for keeping students safe from injury.  The very nature of these mats are great because they are designed to provide a substantial level of fall safety, yet, at the same time, also create tripping hazards.  Typical thickness of wrestling and dojo matting ranges from 1-1/4” to 1 3-4” in height and require ramping to mitigate this hazard.
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ADA laws and regulations (specifically Section 405) apply to all places of public accommodation, which includes gyms, wrestling centers, dojos and martial arts academies.  Providing ramp systems that provide access to the various matting heights is an excellent example of removing vertical barriers at these public facilities.  This not only protects those with disabilities, but also the facility owner from violating federal and state access laws.




Installation takes just minutes!  The ramps in these photos are held in place with commercial grade double-back tape.  In the event there are tournaments or special events where the matting material needs to be moved, these ramp transitions can easily be relocated where needed.  These ramp transitions are easy to install, easy to clean, have a 10 year warranty and are 100% made in the USA.




Court Edge Reducer Ramp Drawings for ADA compliance. Rubber Transition ramps for wheelchair access. Martial Arts Studios



TIMOTHY VANDER HEIDEN, J.D., is CEO of SafePath Products and Van Duerr Industries, Inc.  He has more than 25 years of experience marketing and manufacturing products for ADA compliance, specializing in green technology for the architectural marketplace.  Tim and his team can be reached at 800.497.2003,  or visit www.safepathproducts.com.