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CourtEdge™ Reducers

CourtEdge™ Reducer Ramps are designed to remove vertical barriers and be affixed to the vertical sides of sport flooring, synthetic fields, dance floors, gyms, martial arts studios or any other raised platforms which are in need of a smooth transition up from the subfloor.  Our products are easily installed, can be cut-to-fit in the field and do not have any weight bearing limitations.

Whether the application is interior or exterior, CourtEdge™ Reducers will not freeze, crack or splinter like other flooring transition products and never require the use of mechanical fasteners.  If you need assistance selecting the correct product, contact our sales department and our design team will help you find the best solution to fit your specifications.

Court Edge Reducers are very customizable.

They are easy to cut to the size that will fit your project and have no weight limitations so driving over them with heavy machinery will not break these Reducers down.

Order By Piece- Not Sure how many Pieces to order?

*Always Order 2 Pieced For each corner (Example- 4 corners = 8 reducers)

* Divide the number of inches you need by the length of the reducer. This will show you how many pieces to order (Note: Always round up)

As floor courts are installed or resurfaced, problems will likely occur around the proper treatment of vertical rises from variations of the new flooring material to the existing or old floor substrate. Vertical floor edge treatment is not only required to avoid tripping hazards, but also essential for federal and state access code compliance. SafePath™ Products has focused on this need and offers various product solutions that are easy to specify and install with the use of specially designed working drawings for hundreds of flooring configurations.