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SafePath™ Products Announces a New ADA weightlifting Platform Called the SafeLift™ Platform

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The new the SafeLift™ Platform reinvents the Crossfit weightlifting Platform. The SafeLift™ Platform is 3/4″ thick with sloped edges and it protects your floors from damage while providing access to athletes and guests. Available in three colors.


The SafePath™ Products Corporation, (http://www.SafePathProducts.com) has announced they have reinvented the Crossfit weightlifting Platform and is the first to comply with ADA regulations. More durable than other models, The new SafeLift™ Platform is the first Crossfit weightlifting Platform that comes with beveled, sloping edges that meet ADA compliance regulations and is available in three color options. The SafeLift™ Platform defines your workout area for using free weights, protects your floor and provides access to everyone, which greatly improves safety.

“The SafeLift™ Platform is going to change the way gym owners think about protecting their investment and providing access for everyone,” explained Tim Vander Heiden, CEO of SafePath™ Products. “Gym owners are starting to realize how important ADA compliance is and the demand for ADA compliant Lift Platforms are on the rise.”

To learn about The SafeLift™ Platform, go to: https://www.safepathproducts.com/product/safelift-platform back to our website Press release, or call 800-497-2003.

Made from 100% recycled rubber and designed for a minimal footprint, the SafeLift™ Platform is the first and only “Lift Platform ” that complies with federal ADA standards for a vertical rise. Eliminate long-term damage and expense, choose a product that not only protects you and your investment, but also makes your facility safer for all athletes and guests.

The SafeLift™ Platform can be installed for permanent or temporary use starting at just $399.00 for a 3/4” rise, these Lift Platforms are available in various colors and offer years of maintenance free use. (8’ x 4’ Wood insert not included)


TIMOTHY VANDER HEIDEN, J.D., is CEO of SafePath Products and Van Duerr Industries, Inc.  He has more than 25 years of experience marketing and manufacturing products for ADA compliance, specializing in green technology for the architectural marketplace.  Tim and his team can be reached at 800.497.2003,  or visit www.safepathproducts.com.