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About SafePath Products

SafePath Products is the first company to patent and produce recycled transition products for the architectural door hardware industry.  Starting in business in 1994, as a dba of Van Duerr Industries, Inc., and for well over 20 years, SafePath Products has developed hundreds of transition products, becoming one of the largest suppliers of transition products in the industry today.

SafePath Products delivers ADA Compliant Recycled Transition Products

ADA has been around for 25 years and is here to stay. The door and hardware industry will increasingly be called upon to provide accessibility products and solutions to large and small businesses and public entities.

With the growing Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age, this will continue to demand full inclusion in the social and economic fabric of our country, and it behooves providers of products and builders to familiarize themselves as much as possible with the ADA requirements.

Most importantly, design officials, code enforcement officials, contractors, product suppliers and the disabled community must continue the dialogue to determine affordable and acceptable products for compliance purposes.

SafePath Products is the Green Transitions Industry Leader

SafePath Products continues to be the leader of “green” transition products for access code compliance in the Architectural and Building Industry.  SafePath Products is committed to eliminating structural barriers by incorporating universal design with accessibility while utilizing advanced “green” technology.

Our products assist in meeting and exceeding access code compliance by offering hundreds of economical alternative product solutions to traditional transition modifications.  SafePath Products manufactures ramps, landings, seismic surface transitions, flooring reducers and other industrial and residential products for ADA (American’s with Disability Act) and access code compliance.

All products are made from either 100% recycled rubber or 100% recycled composite materials of the highest quality.  These attractive, slip resistant products are easy to install and offer great economical advantages while providing a safe product solution.  Our products are also 100% made in the USA!!!

Timonthy Vander Heiden CEO of SafePath Products


TIMOTHY J. VANDERHEIDEN, J.D., is President and CEO of Van-Duerr Industries, Inc. He received his J.D. from the New College of California School of Law and a bachelor’s degree in political science from California State University, Chico.