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EZ Edge™ & Elegant Transitions™ (coated in our StoneCap™ Coating)


SafePath™ offers the largest selection of rubber transition ramps. Our EZ Edge™ & Elegant Transitions™ (coated in our StoneCap™ Coating) can be easily installed on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile and marble. Simply choose the model closest to the height of the transition and the necessary width of access, and our full service design team will customize a transition ramp to your specifications.

Installation is quick and easy, significantly reducing labor costs. EZ Edge™ Transitions come with a 10-Year Guarantee ensuring durable and maintenance free use for years to come!

EZEdge™ Transitions were the first patented SafePath™ product, and have been solving transition problems ever since. They are most often used for door threshold, entry way, or any path of travel transitions. Also, they can be used for roll-in showers, gymnasium flooring, expandable bridge nosing, and many other applications requiring vertical modification from 1/2″ to 4″.