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StoneCap™ Color Coating

Beautiful, Durable and Slip Resistant

Product Description

SafePath™ Products has developed exclusive StoneCap™ Color Coating technology for the application of rubber and composite materials that provides one of the most slip-resistant, color stable surfaces ever offered for the recycled rubber and composite plastic industry.

A proprietary product developed after years of research, StoneCap™ Coatings are specifically designed for durability and attractiveness that other rubber color technology can only attempt to accomplish.  With superior elongation and limited UV impact, StoneCap™ Coatings provide a surface similar in touch and appearance to granite.

Designed for the harshest conditions, StoneCap™ Coatings are available in multiple color sets, with custom colors also offered.  Standard colors available are Antique Bronze, Black, Brick Burgundy, California Sand, Dusted Cappuccino, Granite Grey, Nutmeg Brown, Silver Sand and Terra Cotta.

Please contact our sales and design team for more information on StoneCap™ Color Coatings and how they can work for you!!


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